I bought an Asus mainboard from ikonic almost 3 years ago.
Recently it just died and would not boot. I sent it back to ikonic for repairs as it was still under warranty. Suprisingly they phoned me a week later and told me my mainboard is repaired. I thought that it would take 2 or 3 months. Thanks ikonic for your speedy service. It shows that you do care about good customer service. For the past couple of years i have bought all my pc parts from ikonic and was never disappointed with their prices and good service. IkonicIT is the best and cheapest online shop and their staff is always friendly and helpfull.

Got it 3 working days after payment, great price and in perfect condition. Cant ask for more! gg.

Walking in the presence of giants here. Great service and innovative professional website. Keep it up iKonic IT.

I am a true believer in praise where it is due. And coming from someone who
expects really high standards in service this email serves to show you that
you guys rock!

I would like to commend your team on the seamless, and SUPER fast service I
recently experienced on my order. I placed the order on a Friday morning,
and the following Monday afternoon had the package in my hands. I have never
in all my online shopping days experienced anything so efficient. I realise
alot has to do with stock availability, but much more so, efficient staff.
Service is a dying art in our country and you have revived my confidence in
SA's service delivery. It can be done, just look at the people at Ikonic IT!

A big thank you for making my shopping experience such a great one, and
hands down you beat any of the other internet shopping companies out there.
Keep up the superb work!

Excellent service, patient and helpful! Would recommend shopping with iKonicIT any day!

Great service, quick and efficient. Everything you expect from an online store. Keep it up guys, I will definitely buy here again.

The service is fair. The order took a while to complete and I also did not receive my heatsinks for my two sticks of DDR3 RAM. The optical DVD drive I received was different -and a bit worse - than the one I ordered. I told IKonic about this, but they said I had two ship the items back to them myself. As the items were part of a computer and I already installed it, I did not take the time to send it back.

Thanks Ikonic IT!!! First Order received!!! Excellent service!!! Would definitely recommend to all my friends!!!... keep up the good work!!

These guys are AWESOME! Thanks and keep up the good work!

Had a bit of trouble (probably my own stupidity) with their site and the order I placed, but every step of the way iKonic IT helped via phone and Live Support. Great service guys... :)


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